The Career Development Carnival 2013 Calendar

Hannah Morgan and I met this week to talk about the success of the Career Development Carnival for 2012 (thanks to all of you!) and how we might infuse some fun and variety into 2013. We’ll be introducing a career related theme for four of the months.

Some career experts asked for advance notice to plan your writing and posting schedules, so here’s a sneak peek of the Career Development Carnival themes for 2013:

February 2013 – Your Favorite Inspiration Quote and Why

Tell us what quote sends shivers up your spine or moves to you action. What’s the story behind it? How has it affected you? Why are you drawn to your favorite quote?

May 2013 – Top 10 Blogs That Help Your Career

You’ve got full latitude on creating your top 10 blog list because the blogs don’t have to be about career development per se. Perhaps your favorite blogs share information on marketing, social media, technology, personal development, interests or hobbies. Tell us where you get your inspiration and spend your valuable time.

September 2013 – What is a Career “Ah Ha” Moment?

We are interested in your career “Ah Ha” moment or a story about someone you know who had an “Ah Ha” moment that blew you away.

December 2013 – Top 2013 Career Posts

No doubt you review your top career related posts each year – we want to know what was your #1 post for 2013.

How to Submit Your Career Post:

  1. Use the The Career Development Carnival Submission Page.
  2. Review that your post is current content which means you published your post/article in the same month of the carnival.
  3. One submission per author or blogger.
  4. Your post fits one of our career categories
    • Career Management
    • Job Search Resources
    • Career Exploration
    • Networking Tips
    • Personal Branding
    • Reputation Management

We look forward to hosting your expert career advice in 2013!

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