The Career Development Carnival 2014 Calendar

The Career Development Carnival is entering its third year of highlighting world-wide career experts’ advice and tips. Last year we decided to have a few theme months and it worked so well that we will be doing it again in 2014.

Hannah Morgan and I met this week to talk about the success of the Career Development Carnival for 2012 (thanks to all of you!) and how we might infuse some fun and variety into 2013. We’ll be introducing a career related theme for four of the months.

March 2014 – Which came First? The Chicken or the Egg?

Think about the conversations you have with people who believe that one action or thought has to come first…does it really? We would love to hear your views of what comes first in career development.

June 2014 – Tips to get Someone You don’t Know to Respond to your Request

One of the things job hunters and career navigators struggle with is how to connect and get a response from and prospective employer or network contact. Do you have a secret formula or tip that you can share?

September 2014 – Clarity/Direction/Focus

How important does having clarity, direction or focus during your career? Are there circumstances where lacking abilities interfere with career trajectory? How do you help your clients with gaining a clearer path?

December 2014 – Top 10 Resources for 2015 and the Future

It’s time to look ahead – what do you see coming down the pipeline that is innovative or on target for preparing career minded individuals for the coming year?

 How to Submit Your Career Post:

  1. Use The Career Development Carnival Submission Page.
  2. Review that your post is current content which means you published your post/article in the same month of the carnival.
  3. One submission per author or blogger.
  4. Your post fits one of our career categories
  • Career Management
  • Job Search Resources
  • Career Exploration
  • Networking Tips
  • Personal Branding
  • Reputation Management

We look forward to hosting your expert career advice in 2014!


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