What Will You Contribute?

You have written some sweet posts on the topic of careers in the past two weeks!  (Or, if not, you still have time to post one!) Don’t you want more readers to crave your content like they do cotton candy?carnival cotton candy

You’ve written about:

  • How to manage a career (tips for getting along with others in the workplace, being a good leader, communicating better and a host of other tips)
  • Great job search resources (tools, sites, and other information job seekers need)
  • How to Explore a New Career (assessments, questions to ask yourself, researching new industries and occupations)
  • How to Network (advice on overcoming fears, logic behind the intent of networking, conversation starters, stories of success)
  • Building and Maintaining a Personal Brand (why this important, how to do it, examples and stories of great personal brands)
  • Reputation Management (perhaps this isn’t as obvious, but how does one go about monitoring and protecting their personal brand?)

Recent, Non-Salesy Posts Only

I know, you want to push your new product or free webinar.  Please, not in the posts you submit for this carnival.  Once someone clicks through on your post, they can peruse your site. If you’ve done a good job promoting your value and you’ve got your site laid out correctly, then they should find your products and services, right?

Your post needs to be recent.  In other words, it has been published/posted within the previous two weeks.  Why? We want this carnival to have current and relevant information.  If you wrote a super post a year ago, let me ask you this? Is all the information still up to date?  Here’s a suggestion, re-purpose that great post and share other links to useful past content within it.

Practice What You Preach

Are you looking for a way to gain more exposure, help more people or build new peer/partner relationships?

Promoting your brand and developing your network are vital to your success. Carnivals allow you to do both of these.

Participating Means…

Add your URL and brief summary of the post you’ve written on The Career Carnival link collection site.

Sign up for the notifications/reminders of when posts are due and future topics.

Once the carnival goes live, help promote it among your readers by tweeting the hosted post. Stumble it. Add it to your Facebook fan page.  Make it a discussion on Google +.

And let me also encourage you to get to know your fellow contributors.   Comment on their post.  Isn’t that one of the best parts about blogging?

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions, please, contact Lynn Dessert or Hannah Morgan and we will be happy to answer them!


All links must be submitted by January 16th.  The carnival goes live on Lynn Dessert’s “Elephants at Work” on January 19, 2012!

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