Why was my post not published in the Career Development Carnival?

There are always some kinks when you start something new and it is no exception with the Career Development Carnival. The guidelines for submissions are available in this post: Career Development Carnival – Welcome! It is everyone’s best interest to keep standards high because readers demand the best!

If your article or post was not included in a recent Career Development Carnival, it is probably due to one or more of these reasons:

Post is not Relevant

Only on-topic posts are accepted. Your post should reflect a point a view with valuable information for the reader. If your site is predominately about generating affiliate income or is a landing site for links, you probably won’t make our cut.

Early Submission

I know the early bird usually catches the worm, however, in this case, early means your post is too old. If you are not sure what old means, read the next reason. If a reminder would help you make a timely submission, sign up to receive notices on the right hand side of the page – Carnival Submitters: Receive Notices for Upcoming Carnivals.

Post is too old

What makes a carnival interesting to readers is they get to see new information and read something that is fresh. Rules of thumb, if your post is not published within the same month of the carnival, consider your submission old. Simply write something else and submit it.

Post is not dated

Submissions that lack a publish date are often very old posts. We won’t be spending time trying to figure it out so make it easy to see when the article was published.

Too Many Submissions

In our first carnival we had several people submit multiple articles, in fact, one writer submitted eight posts! Only submit your ONE best post – that’s what the readers want to see from you.

Missed Deadline

The Career Development Carnival submission site has a deadline for accepting submissions for the current carnival. If you submit something after the deadline, the current carnival host will not receive your information.

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